Blog 3 Piet Zwart

Good afternoon, today in my blog 3rd I will be discussing Piet Zwart.

Piet Zwart is a Dutch photographer, born on May 28, 1885, Zaandijk, Netherlands then died on September 24, 1977, Wassenaar, the Netherlands he was known for being a graphic designer, typographer, photographer, and industrial designer. The poster that I have chosen is an advertisement for NKF and it was created in 1924. This piece appeals to me in reason that it has strong primary colors, scale, different typefaces and the rejection of symmetry. The purpose of this poster was, wanting to free the reader from the dull typography from previous old plane designs. This design from Piet Zwart demonstrates organization with having everything fixed on the central axis. The typeface sin that this poster falls into is 13, failing to eliminate orphans. We see that with some text in this poster have words sitting alone. This result is effective in reason that it fits well with everything else. I learned that this poster was an experiment with typography in the early 1920s and I could apply this to my own poster and experiment different techniques to create a unique result.

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