Blog 1 Typography Design

Good afternoon, today in my first blog I will be discussing Typography Design.

“Friend Of Type” is a typographic design and lettering sketchbook archive that’s intended to inspire designers to get ideas about typography. The creators of the site are Carambula, Erik Marinovich, Dennis Payongayong, and Jason Wong. Their idea is that type is like squares and rectangles. Not all type is hand rendered but their work it’s inspired by one and could become other. The design work that really took my eye is Ice Cold by Erik Marinovich it has a mixture between display and sans serif.

“Incredible Type” is a web site about incredible typefaces. There are designs from around the world and has been carefully handpicked to be placed in the collection for design and typography. The site has over 436 pieces of design that give inspiration to other designers. This font style is a display font, with the HBO trademark being embed to the design. It’s unique, beautiful and the flow of colors has relaxing feel towards it.

Dieline Awards was known for its best in consumer packing design worldwide. Across the world brand owners, consumers, markers, students and regular designers have come together to show off their design to win The Dieline Award. The design that stood out to me is “Gracias A Dios Is Handcrafted In Tradition” the bold colors and handcrafted design brings out everything about Mexico. All the lettering has been hand drawn and the typography makes everything more authentic.

In contrast, all these designs have a perfect example of type and design clashing together to create a unique piece of design.

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